Keeping Your Computer Clean

Nothing feels better than purchasing your first laptop or computer. From the moment we turn it on, we get enthralled in the post screens, hold our breath during the loading screen and give out a huge exhale accompanied by a smile when the operating system loads. Indeed, nothing is better than purchasing your first computer and nothing is worse than its first break down.

Aside from viruses and malware, many failures of computer systems start from a hardware failure which could be prevented with a little care.

1. Keep vents clear of dust.
One of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your machine is to keep the vents clear of dust. Your computer suctions in a lot of air to help cool the internal component parts within the casing. Avoid using your mouth to blow out dust. Compressed air does wonders providing that you computer is unplugged and you are using it 3 to 6 inches from the vent. Avoid getting any closer as the condensation can damage the computer.

2. Do not place computer on fabric surfaces.
With laptops especially, we sometimes have the tendency to place the computer on our lap or on the bed. Don’t do this. Blocking the vents keeps the hot air in which can damage your motherboard. Many third party stands are available to keep the laptop elevated. This improves the air circulation and best of all you can keep the stand in your lap and the device cost less than $20.

3. When your computer sounds like a turbine engine…
Don’t ignore it. Its time to take it into a shop for some internal cleaning. This sound may mean that there is too much dust inside the unit or the heat has worn the protect paste between the processor and fan. Ignoring this sign could cause you to fork over some major cash for repairs or worse cause your computer to be inoperable.

These are a few basic steps you could take to improve the performance of your computer.

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