5 Ways to Improve Your Internet Connection

The degradation of your internet connection can happen for many reason. As we continue to use our machines, we collect e-dust or junk files that are known to slow down computers. If left unintended, your internet browsing can feel like molasses over time.

Here are some helpful tips to improve your internet connection.

Power Cycling Hardware

An excellent way to improve connection performance is to power cycle your network connection. Power Cycling involves unplugging and reconnecting a modem, router and computer for 30 to 60 second time intervals from its power source. Doing so can help reestablish a clean connection between network devices and discharge any static between the connection lines.

Regularly shutting down your computer can help reduce memory leaks which can lead to the browser malfunctioning or applications not opening. If your computer is on a network, restarting your computer after the end of operations is ideal. This will ensure that computer memory is refreshed and admins can still provide updates to computers.

Cleaning Browsing Data and Cache

Another method to improve internet connection is to clear your internet browsing history and stored data (cache). This is often done in the option or tools section of the browser. Cache data is internet data stored in the computer that can later be retrieved for faster loading when you revisit a commonly visited website. The more cache data stored, the greater the network degradation.

Update Operating System and Software

The health of your operating system and software plays a critical role in the performance of your computer. An outdated operating system or software can lead to exploits or configuration problems that can prevent you from accessing the internet. For residential consumers, it is recommended that you utilize the automatic update option for your operating system. For businesses, it is recommended that you update critical O/S updates immediately after testing in lieu of waiting for your patch management schedule.

Front Line Defenses

Hand in hand with the previous section, firewalls, anti-malware, anti-virus and IPS/IDS systems should be updated with the latest patches, definitions or firmware. An outdated system can give rise to configuration and intrusion issues that can have a significant impact on your internet connections. Scan your system regularly and monitor security logs for irregularities.

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