Passwords Are Still an Issue

  After reviewing the Verizon Data Breach Report, it is apparent that passwords are still a problem.  Specifically, users are choosing passwords that are easily guess-able or worse, do not change the default passwords of networking devices. Here are three tips to improve passwords: Password Complexity According to an article published by CBS (, inContinue reading “Passwords Are Still an Issue”

Keeping Your Computer Clean

Nothing feels better than purchasing your first laptop or computer. From the moment we turn it on, we get enthralled in the post screens, hold our breath during the loading screen and give out a huge exhale accompanied by a smile when the operating system loads. Indeed, nothing is better than purchasing your first computerContinue reading “Keeping Your Computer Clean”

6 Strikes Now In Effect

In late February, several Internet Service Providers (ISP) enacted the Copyright Alert System ( CAS) also known as Six Strikes.  The system is designed to deter users who download or access copyright content without sufficient permissions over the internet. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU If you are a fan of downloading or sharing torrentsContinue reading “6 Strikes Now In Effect”