Apartment Complexes / Communities

For apartment complexes and home owner communities, added value services like swimming pools, parks and picnic areas are essential to attracting and retaining residence. Attempting to find or creating other value added services for your residence without significantly impacting your bottom line can be a challenge.

In today’s day and age over 70% of households own computers. When something goes wrong, many clients take their computers to their local electronics store where they are subject to exorbitant fees even before service work is performed. This leaves the client with a poor taste in their mouth. So what can you do to remedy the situation?

By offering your community a dedicated alternative solution and referring them to SCR, you are giving them an opportunity to experience excellent customer service at affordable and honest pricing. Not only will we waive all diagnostic fees, we will also offer exclusive discounted rates for your residence or community.

Give them the peace of mind that you have their best interest at hand.

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