At SCR, we pride ourselves on excellent customer feedback regarding the services that we pride.  Here is what some of our customers have said about us:


“I was experiencing some slow down in the performance of my computer and I took it to a local big box company to fix.  After getting charged an arm and a leg for the virus removal, I took it home and realized, that I was still infected.  Not to mention all of my data was gone.  When I took it back to them, I was told that backing up the data was not part of their agreement and they would charge me an extra $80 to attempt to recover and remove the virus, that they forgot to remove in the first place.  In disgust, I left.

My co-worker referred me to SCR.  When I called to schedule my appointment, I was surprised to hear that there was no diagnostic fee.  This was a sign.  I was told up front what the hourly charge was and what the maximum charge would be for an on-sight pickup.  Sage informed me that virus removals can typically take some time to remove and recommended that he take it back to his shop as the charge would be cheaper.  I agreed.  When he called and advised me that my computer was ready, he not only took the time to bring it back to me in a timely fashion, he showed my computer was working as needed and even cleaned the screen and keyboard.  WOW!  Sage really has it together is what I was thinking.


I really appreciate SCR taking care of me.  I thought that all computer repair shops were crooks before I came to them.  I’m glad I was proven wrong.  They have a customer for life.”

 — Rodrigo   B.
San Antonio, Texas


“I wanted to play this new MMO that came out last month.  When I bought the game,  the game refused to  start.   Apparently, I needed to upgrade my computer but I didn’t know how.  One call to SCR cleared that right up and the price was more than affordable.  I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends.”

— Shawn T.
San Antonio, Texas


“Where do I begin?  I was locked out of my computer and I couldn’t find my recovery disc to get back in.  In less than an hour, SCR unlocked my computer and even offered to create a recovery disc to prevent this from happening next time.  Awesome.”

–Rachel M.
San Antonio, Texas

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